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Plastic is a fantastic material with many advantages: it is light, resistant, unbreakable, flexible, malleable and versatile. Plastics also have a permanent place in the packaging industry – and in order for it to stay that way, issues such as sustainability and ecology must be increasingly brought into focus in the manufacture of plastics.

That is why we decided back in 2014 to give Verpackungstechnik Frielinghaus an ecological orientation and introduced the “Green Line” and the “100% Post-Consumer Recycled” bottles. And since then, the production of packaging from renewable raw materials or recycled materials has played an increasingly important role for us.

Our Bottle Product Range

There is no such thing as impossible

Regardless of the shape and function of your plastic hollow body or in which area it is to be used: We deliver exactly the plastic packaging that you need for your application. You can purchase plastic bottles and containers from our range, or we can develop your own individual shape with you. And if you want, we also offer you packaging according to the internationally recognized, high food standard (BRCGS) as a special feature!



The Different Areas of Application

In use everywhere

Food safe! Consistent! Design-oriented! Practical all round! We produce plastic packaging for all consumer and industrial goods that are used in a wide variety of industries.

Different Resins for Our Products

From standard to organic

As a company committed to the future, we not only rely on the classic plastic granulates HDPE, PP and polystyrene, but also increasingly on the use of recyclates and bio-HDPE. We are extremely successful in our plan to increase our recyclate content annually by 2030.


The bio-HDPE that we use is made from 100% bio-based raw materials and is ideally suited for all article shapes and areas of application.

100% Recycled HDPE

Depending on the requirements of our customers, our recyclate comes from post-consumer or post-industrial sources. It can easily be mixed with conventional HDPE and come in different colors.


Polyethylene has a high resistance to a large number of filling goods. It is widely used on plastic bottles, is compatible with many products, and can be supplied in food grade quality.


Polypropylene is a solid, transparent material with a glossy surface. PP is stable even at higher temperatures of up to 90 degrees and has excellent chemical resistance.


Polystyrene is a widely used plastic that is resistant to alkalis and mineral acids. Standard polystyrene is highly transparent, stiff, but brittle. Impact-resistant PS is opaque and is characterized by high impact resistance.

Do you have further questions about our range –

we certainly have the right answers. Just talk to us, we will be happy to support you.

Our Certifications

The proof of quality

We deliver high quality work and we have this confirmed by institutes. The certificates that were issued for Verpackungstechnik Frielinghaus – from the energy audit ISO 50001 to the BRC hygiene standard – prove that we always meet the high BRCGS demands that we place on ourselves and our products.

Our Company

Innovation and reliability

Since it was founded in 1976, Verpackungstechnik Frielinghaus has been a reliable partner when it comes to packaging technology from extrusion blown plastic hollow bodies. Our goal is to manufacture the right plastic product for every customer, regardless of the industry – and thanks to sophisticated production processes, innovative ideas and committed employees, we can do that too.

Quality Management

Set standards - meet standards

We not only promise our customers top quality, we also live it – with our quality management, among other things. The principles for this are laid down in the ISO 9001 standard and the BRCGS standard and relate, among other things, to:

  • The customer orientation and the quality and food safety policy for selected products
  • The management of resources
  • The product realization
  • The production and service delivery
  • The optimization including corrective and preventive measures
  • The HACCP risk analysis (hygiene and product protection)

Production & Service

Always in action

In order to satisfy our customers, we offer an all-round service – from the development and planning of the plastic packaging to production, printing or coating, right through to warehousing and just-in-time delivery.

  • Large machine park
  • Sufficient production and storage space
  • Experienced employees
  • Continuous production (three-shift system)
  • Large partner network for individual finishing

Your career in the plastic packaging industry

Are you looking for a secure job with a future-oriented company that has been characterized by its family atmosphere for over 40 years? Then we should get to know each other, because we are always looking for motivated employees, also lateral entrants, who would like to accompany us on our path to success.

The latest news

Always up to date

We are constantly dealing with current and relevant topics relating to plastic packaging. You can find our latest articles, press releases and blog posts here.

Relay handover at packaging technology Frielinghaus

Dr. Thomas Kloubert takes over the management of the company from Elke von der Becke.

A little sensation: Recycled plastic with a cosmetic certificate

From now on, Frielinghaus will also be producing cosmetic packaging from recycled plastics.

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